Shrusko ceramics is a candid collection of dining room, kitchen and bathroom accessories. Cups, pots, spoons and other ceramic stoneware knick-knacks are recognizable by supple appearance, having an appeal of baked dough, which at the same time invites us to sip hot drinks.

 Stoneware is known for its resistance towards chipping, low porosity and excellent properties for baking pastry. All products can be used with food and washed in a dishwasher.

 The authors Nina Mrđenović and Jošt Bukovec find inspiration for the forms and illustrations in the forest, museums, nearby farms and general plants and animals that lay around the house.

 We encourage courageous and regular use of Shrusko ceramics!         

For contact; nina.shrusko@gmail.com

Or phone: 00386 31 282 247





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